ARMember PayPal Payment Gateway Integration

PayPal Payment Gateway Integration

PayPal is one of the most popular and trusted payment gateways worldwide. Holding a proven track record of fully secured and reliable payment processing, today, millions of businesses globally adore it as their most preferred payment gateway, among others.

Considering PayPal’s global reach and acceptance, ARMember has integrated PayPal as its in-built payment gateway to ensure a reliable payment processing solution for ARMember-powered membership websites. The powerful integration allows membership site owners to offer a fully secured payment experience to their local and internationally valued users/members while processing payments for membership/subscription plans or any associated products or services.

As mentioned, ARMember comes with this pre-built and 100% free payment gateway addon that can be activated and configured in just a few clicks under ARMember > General Settings > Payment Gateways > PayPal.

After activating PayPal as a payment gateway for your membership site, it will enable you to add further required details such as merchant email, Sandbox/Live API username, password, signature, payment cancellation URL, preferred language and currency, etc. You can also explore detailed documentation with a step-by-step guide on integrating the PayPal payment gateway with the ARMember plugin.