ARMember WhatsApp Notification Addon

WhatsApp Notification For ARMember

ARMember WhatsApp Notification Addon sends WhatsApp notifications to website members, updating them about their activities such as: purchasing membership plan, on password change, before plan expiration, etc.

  1. Keep your members updated about activities like successful On Purchase Plan, On Password Change, On Cancel Membership, Before plan expire, Before Recurring Due, etc., via WhatsApp.
  2. It also allows the admin to enable or disable WhatsApp notifications for paid post purchases.

  3. Admin can also get WhatsApp notifications for members’ various activities.

WhatsApp Notifications Addon Key Features

WhatsApp Notification addon helps you to make your managing membership easier and more convenient. Here are some of the WhatsApp notification types you can send as automated messages:

  • Notify on Membership Plan Purchase.
  • Notify on Password Change.
  • Notify on Cancel Membership.
  • Notify before the plan expires. i.e. when a plan is about to expire.
  • Notify before Recurring Due
  • Website admin WhatsApp notifications.
  • Disabling notification for paid post purchases.