ARMember myCRED Integration Addon

myCRED Integration

Gamification, nowadays, is a powerful marketing strategy to take users’ engagement and retention rate to the next level on any membership website. Taking from encouraging new user signups to motivate the existing ones to sustain with or upgrade to the next subscription level, gamification is loaded with tons of advantages that are just perfect to elevate the success of any membership site.

When it comes to adding game-like-elements to the membership website, myCRED usually is the top preference for many. Considering it, ARMember is here with the built-in myCRED integration addon and that’s 100% free. Using this addon, you as a membership website owner brings tons of benefits, such as increasing the total number of members, their engagement and retention rate, user experience, and much more.

Upon activating this free addon, you can easily create and manage the members’ loyalty and reward program by allocating points, badges, ranks, achievements, and much more under a single roof.

Let’s take a look at few things that you can do with myCRED integration addon

1. Point allocation while membership signups

2. Point allocation for accessing premium content

3. Point redemption for upgrading subscription plan and to avail discount coupons

4. Showcase total number of accumulated points on members’ profile

5. Display myCRED points on membership card

6. Offer point based offers, etc.

The ultimate aim of this powerful addon is to allocate reward points to the loyal members along with encouraging their active participation on your membership website.

How ARMember’s myCRED integration addon is best for you?

1. Grow Membership Sign-ups:

ARMember’s myCRED integration addon enables you to incentivize new users upon their successful registration on your membership website. It stimulates new users to join your membership program for what they can earn incentive points that help them explore further in your membership website.

2. Boost User Engagement:

This free addon lets you award specific points for various actions and activities like commenting, publishing content, social sharing, referring friends, etc. It ultimately keeps your membership site and community alive with their continuous participation on your website.

3. Increase Members’ Retention Rate:

Point based reward system is like a motivation for the members to keep connected with your membership website for a longer period of time. It ultimately encourages them to renew their subscription plan again and again in the greed of earning more rewarding points.