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Version 3.3.2 (03 Oct, 2019)

Added option to accept payment with stripe default checkout(built-in credit card fields) method OR stripe SCA popup method. Added new email notification upon ‘User login’. Other minor bug fixes.

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Version 3.3.1 (16 Sep, 2019)

Fixed bug related to file upload issue in profile cover. Improved stripe integration Other minor bug fixes.

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Add Private Content for User

Add Private Content From the above screen you can add the private content for the users. When adding custom content for user than by default private content will be enable for the users. you can enable/disable custom content for the user. While adding custom content you can select/add multiple users at a same time. For […]

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Basic of User Private Content

To add user wise specific content at your website, “User Private Content” section will available when you activate “User Private Content” from ARMember -> Add-ons User Private Content features is used to display custom content for user. If you want to display custom content to different user, so it will be possible with using ARMember […]

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Version 3.3 (10 Sep, 2019)

Added new facility for user-wise private content. Added new form section “Profile Forms” to create profile forms with more custom fields other than signup/login etc. Added 3D Secure such as SCA Compliant Stripe Payments Added new facility to generate bulk copuons. Added new facility to set Avatar and Background Image in Membership card. Added new […]

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Member Network Site Addon

Important Note: This Addon will only work if ARMember plugin is installed with version 3.2.1 or higher Important Note: This Addon will only work if WordPress Multisite Network is enabled at your website. This plugin lets you allow your users to create, delete, activate/deactivate subsites based on member plan settings. Steps For Installation And Activation […]

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Online Worldpay Addon

This Add-on will add payment option for ARMember plan with one time payment & plan with subscription payment. Important Note:This add-on will work with ARMember Version 3.2.1 or grater. Steps For Installation And Activation You can install plugin in following two ways. and ARMember – Online Worldpay plugin requires ARMember Plugin installed and active. New […]

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Version 3.2.1 (18 Mar, 2019)

Updated Max Mind Database. Updated MailChimp API version 3.0 Other Minor bug fixes.

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Version 3.2 (01 Mar, 2019)

Introduced New Signup Form Field: Google Recaptcha. Added Facility to allow multiple drip rule on same Membership Plan for custom content. Added New Facility to add custom fields in Members Directory Listing. Added New Social Profile Field Skype and WhatsApp for profile and directories. Added Facility to set Finite Membership Plan upto 15 Years. Added […]

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Version 3.1 (06 Dec, 2018)

Added Compatibility with Gutenberg editor. Added New Google Fonts. Added Facility to Export Login History of user. Other bug fixes.

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