There are three tabs in Badges And Achievement sections:

Manage Badges

Here you can manage default badges or add your custom badges.


Manage Achievements

You can assign badges to user, based on what they have completed successfully.

There are several options available to add achievement. You can create achievement on following events:

  • Default Badge for All

    By Default all user will get the assigned badge.

  • Give this badge to role

    Assign badge to users having specific user role.(If you have bbpress plugin installed in your site then those roles are also supported.)

  • Give this badge to plans

    Assign badge to users having specific plan.

  • Require Achievement

    Assign badge based on required achievement.

    • No of posts

      This badge will automatically assign to user, when user create specific number of posts. Custom Posts are also supported.

    • No of comments

      This badge will automatically assign to user, when user has commented specific number of times.

    • No of years

      This badge will automatically assign to user, when user completes number of years in your site.


Manage User Achievements

Here you can assign or remove user’s badges & achievements.


Badges & Achievements section will only available if you activate “Social Feature” from Add-ons.

This is the feature which will be helpful to show your concern towards those members who are more active on your site. For that ARMember is providing a simple way to create badges and set it based on defined achievements.

Give users badges either manually or automatically based on some event triggers ( when they reach a certain number of posts, or comments). These badge icons will display besides the user’s name on user profiles, member list, etc… You also can upload your own custom badge icons.