ARMember Membership Card Template Addon

Membership Card Template

ARMember’s social feature addon lets you unveil the opportunity to make your members special with its membership card functionality. It allows your members to view their membership details, such as their user ID, joining date, expiry date, membership plan, and other relevant information, in the form of a separate membership card as per their subscribed membership plans.

It’s a unique identification card that acts as evidence for a person to be a member of your website. Thus, it gives special recognition to your members, ultimately adding a more professional touch to your membership site and making it stand out.

Creating membership card templates with ARMember is a straightforward process. Upon activating the free social features ARMember addon, you can navigate to ARMember > Profiles & Directories, where you will find the “Add Template” option leading you to the window showing comprehensive setting options you need to create an intuitive membership card.

ARMember’s membership card functionality comprises three pre-designed templates shown below. You can opt for any according to your preference.

Like Members’ profile and directory features, the membership card also offers numerous formatting options for colors, fonts, and other additional styling options. You can set your own CSS code in its Custom CSS option for more customized designs.

Once you’re done with all the necessary settings for the membership card template, simply copy its shortcode and paste it to the relevant page.

ARMember allows you to create endless membership cards without paying an extra buck and installing any third-party plugin for the same.