ARMember Content Access Rules Addon

Content Access Rules

In the context of a membership website, content accessibility plays a vital role, and ARMember’s content access rule refers to the same. It’s one of the most adored features of the ARMember plugin by our existing client base. It lets you efficiently control your website’s content accessibility based on specific conditions and criteria such as membership levels, users’ roles, etc.

With this core feature of the ARMember plugin, you can define the access rules for various WordPress realms, including:

– Pages

– Posts

– Custom Posts

– Categories

– Tags

– Taxonomy

– Navigation Menus

– Special Pages, etc.

It allows you to set various access rules for different types of content, as mentioned above, for individual membership plans defined on your website. For example, if you want to offer premium content only to upgraded plan holders, you can easily restrict access to such content without any headaches. It’s a matter of a few clicks only!

Using this feature, you can easily set various membership tiers containing multi-level content you want to offer your existing members at different membership levels/plans. It also makes it easy for you to encourage new users to join and existing members to upgrade their membership plans on your website to take advantage of your valuable content at each level. Moreover, users/members will get a personalized experience, letting you win their trust and loyalty afterward.