Pro-Rata Integration

Pro-Rata Integration

The ARMember Pro-Rata inbuilt-addon enables pro-rated billing for membership upgrades and downgrades, ensuring members are only charged the difference in plan costs. This feature is available once activated in the ARMember Add-ons section.

Key Features:

  • Pro-Rata Billing: Automatically charges members the difference when switching plans, calculated based on the time or cost difference between the plans.
    1. Cost-Based Calculation: Deducts the current plan price from the new plan price.
    2. Time-Based Calculation: Charges based on the remaining days of the current plan.

Plan Types Supported:

  • Infinite Plan: Upgrade from infinite to finite or subscription plans.
  • Finite Plan: Choose to upgrade/downgrade immediately or after the plan term ends.
  • Subscription/Recurring Plan: Switch between subscription plans either immediately or at the end of the term.

Additional Features:

  • Reset Billing Period: Resets the subscription start date when upgrading to a new subscription plan.
  • Pro-Rata Shortcode: Adds a shortcode to display pro-rated amounts in the payment summary.


Navigate to ARMemberGeneral SettingsPro-Rata Configuration to set up the pro-rata method and additional options.

Pro-Rata Addon