Login/Signup Security

Login/Signup Security

ARMember is widely known not just for its amazing features and functionalities but also for its robust mechanism that enhances the safety and protection of your membership website. Its up-to-the-mark security measures prevent unauthorized login or sign-up attempts on the membership site and keep it away from possible hacking attempts.

You can set all the required security options from the ARMember > General Settings > Security Options section. Here, you will find basic to advance website security options such as temporary blocking mechanism, allowed number of login attempts, blocking time interval, etc.

Upon activating the option “Enable Login attempts Security,” you can set various login security measures, including:

– Maximum number of login attempts
– Locking period for temporarily locked user
– Number of login attempts to lock user permanently
– The permanent lockdown time

For the security purpose, you can also set various blocked elements, such as,

– Specific words in the username
– Email addresses
– IP addresses
– URLs, etc.

To enhance user-friendliness on your website, you can also set proper error messages along with the above-mentioned blocked items.

How will ARMember’s security measures benefit your membership website?

1. User Protection:

You can safeguard your users/members’ personal information, credentials, as well as other sensitive information they provide while purchasing membership plans, products, or services on your website.

2. Prevent Unauthorized Access:

It keeps potential hackers away from your membership website and doesn’t allow them to access your membership site in an unauthorized way.

3. Mitigate Spam Registrations:

ARMember’s robust security mechanisms, such as email confirmation, captcha mechanism, etc., prevents your membership website from spam users’ registration and their spammy activities there.

4. IP Blocking and Blacklisting:

As you can see in the above screenshot, ARMember lets you block specific IP addresses or IP ranges. It helps you restrict malicious activities performed on your membership website from those specified IP addresses or ranges.

5. Compliance with Security Best Practices:

ARMember’s powerful security options let your membership website comply with the industry’s required security standards. It ensures that your site can take necessary measures to protect your and your members’ data.