Custom Redirection Rules

Custom Redirection Rules

The redirection rule is one of the most essential areas of any membership website. These rules define the entire flow of users after triggering specific actions or meeting certain criteria. One of the reasons for ARMember’s massive popularity is its custom redirection rules setup functionality.

Let’s take a look at six redirection rules supported by the ARMember plugin:

1. Login Form Redirection Rules

ARMember allows you to set the login form redirection rules in two different ways:

A) Fixed Redirection:
This option lets you redirect all the users upon logging in to your membership website to a specific page/post/referrer page, i.e., the original page before login. For example: If you want to redirect your users to their specific profile pages, this option is perfect for you to go with.

B) Conditional Redirection:
If you want to redirect users after logging into your membership site to different pages according to their membership plans and triggering specific conditions/actions, you can opt for conditional redirection. Let’s check out the various conditions you can avail of with this option:

– First Time Logged In
– In Trial
– In Grace Period
– Failed Payment
– pending
– Before Expiration of x Days

If none of the above conditions are matched, users will be redirected to the URL defined in the “Default Redirect URL” text box.

2. Basic SignUp Form Redirection Rules

Like login form redirection, you will have two options under signup form redirection rules, i.e., fixed redirection.

Under basic signup form redirection rules, you will avail of two options:

A) Fixed Redirection:
Like login form redirection, this option will allow you to redirect new users to a specific page/post/referrer page upon their successful signup on your membership website.

B) Form Wise Redirection:
If you want to redirect the user to different pages based on the signup form from where they get registered on your membership website. You are free to set multiple conditional redirection rules; however, users will be redirected to the default redirect URL if none of the conditions is matched.

3. After Edit Profile Form Redirection Rules

This option lets you set where to redirect your users once they edit their profile and save the details. Here, you will see below three options to set the redirection:

1. Fixed Redirection:
Like login and signup form redirection, you can set any fixed page or specific URL to redirect users there once they save their edit profile forms details.

2. Form Wise Redirection:
You can set multiple redirection rules based on the forms using this option. It also allows setting a default redirect URL if none of the conditions is fulfilled.

3. Success Message:
Opt for this option if you want to show a success message once the profile is edited successfully.

4. Social Connect Redirection (For One Click Signup)

If you have enabled a one-click signup option in social connection from the general settings of the ARMember plugin and users connect with your membership website using any of the social media accounts, then you can set their redirection rule from here. This option allows you to redirect users to a specific page or URL, whatever you define here.

5. Redirection Rules upon Accessing Restricted Post/Page

This is the default restriction rule, as it lets you set the redirection rules for users trying to access the restricted post/page or any other restricted content on your membership website. You can set this rule for three different situations mentioned below:

– For non-logged-in users
– For logged-in users
– For Restricted drip content

It lets you set either a homepage or a specific page to which you can redirect the users in case they try to access restricted content.