API Services

API Services

APIs are the general sets of rules that allow various software applications to interact and communicate with each other. ARMember also comes up with its API services feature or addon that lets you make your membership websites’ functionality available in the external systems or applications.

This addon acts like a mediator that enables you to perform numerous actions along with facilitating you to retrieve data from ARMember and connect it with third-party software or apps. It lets you seamlessly integrate your membership data with third-party systems, including CRM software, email marketing platforms, payment gateways, mobile apps or any other custom built web apps.

You will find “API Services” addon under ARMember > Add-ons section in your WordPress dashboard.

When you activate this free addon, API Services Settings will be enabled under ARMember > General Settings. It’s loaded with a security key along with numerous actions that you can perform through APIs.

Let’s check out the complete list of actions this feature lets you perform:

– Get list of membership plan ID, name, and description
– Get membership plan details based on the plan ID
– Get members’ details based on the specific plan ID
– Get list of members’ plans based on the ID
– Get list of the member’s paid posts based on the ID
– Get member’s membership plan payment transactions based on the ID
– Get member’s paid post payment transaction based on the ID
– Check and calculate coupon code and relevant discount
– Add plan to member using plan ID
– Add payment transaction to member
– Cancel membership plan to member
– Check member has membership and activated

Activate any of the actions according to your requirement and it will quickly generate the desired API URL along with a guide to various parameters used there.