ARMember Member Network Site Addon

ARMember - Member Network Site Addon


ARMember Member Network Site Addon lets you allow your users to create subsite based on member plan settings. This plugin also works with multiple membership in ARMember.


How Member Network Site Addon Works

This Addon allows to manage all subsites created by members. You can allow to create fixed number of subsite and assign default role to apply subsite creator. ARMember Member Network Site provides front-end shortcodes as well for subsite creation form and manage subsites.

Here are some important features of plugin

  • No limits for Subsites

    There is no maximum limit to allow user to create subsites.

  • Assign Default Role

    ARMember Member Network Site has unique facility to assign default role from WordPress default roles like Editor, Contributor.

  • Manage Subsites

    Administrator can easily view, delete, activate/deactivate all subsites created by members.

  • Works with multiple membership

    This addon also works in case multiple membership is enabled in ARMember.

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4.0 or Higher
3.2.1 or Higher
5.6 or Higher