ARMember Affiliate

ARMember affiliate plugin lets you run your own affiliate program and allows you to create and reward (pay commission) your affiliates for referring other users to your website.

When a user pay for ARMember membership plan on your site, this addon will check to see if the user was referred to your site by an affiliate. It will then give commission to the affiliate who referred the user.

The referral rate used to calculate affiliate commission can be set on a per-membership basis.

Also using this plugin, you can create Banners or Text Links that allows your affiliate users to easily promote your web site.

ARMember affiliate plugin allows to manage all payouts and keep track of affiliate statistics like Total Earnings, Current Month Earnings, Total Payment(Paid), Current Month Payment(Paid), Total Payments(Unpaid), Current Month Payments(Unpaid), Total Visitor, Current Month Visitor, Total Referral, Current Month Referral, Total Affiliate User, Current Month Affiliate users.