This filter is useful to add custom payment gateway in list of payment gateway shown in "Gateway" filter dropdown in Manage Members and Payment History page in admin panel.

Hook Type: Filter
Source: core/classes/class.arm_payment_gateways.php
apply_filters('arm_get_payment_gateways_in_filters', 'your_function', 10, 1);
function your_function($default_payment_gateway_list = array()){
   // do something with $default_payment_gateway_list
   // for ex. if you want to add custom gateway with slug 'custom_gateway_slug' to list then, use code as below.				
   $default_payment_gateway['custom_gateway'] = array('gateway_name' => $arm_payment_gateways->arm_gateway_name_by_key('custom_gateway_slug'));
   return $default_payment_gateway_list;
Array of default payment gateways