7 Most Popular WordPress Plugins of All Time

WordPress’ role has been nothing short of incredible in the dynamic world of website development! Nowadays, it’s one of the most preferred choices of millions of users worldwide to meet their versatile web development requirements. But do you know the key feature of its unparalleled popularity? The answer is its feature-rich “plugin & theme repository/directory”! The largest ecosystem of WordPress themes assists anyone in building a professional-looking website while its rich set of plugins makes one easily enhance the functionalities of WordPress-powered websites. Till now, thousands of themes and plugins have been listed on the WordPress repository. So, in this article, we will guide you about the most popular WordPress plugins that earned great respect at the forefront of the developers’ community.  Without any delay, let’s plunge into the world of the best WordPress plugins that will surely revolutionize your website development experience!

#1. WordPress Membership Plugin – ARMember

ARMember - Popular WordPress Plugin for Membership Website Considering its 10K+ active installations & tremendous positive response from its current user base, ARMember has earned first place in the list of the most popular WordPress plugins to develop membership/subscription-based websites. From its user-friendly interface to its top integration with industry-leading payment gateways and other well-known marketing tools, it’s not behind in providing exhaustive membership solutions under a single roof to its users. Additionally, ARMember also comes in first place when we talk about the most cost-effective membership plugins. As ARMember is a freemium plugin, you can download its lite version for free from WordPress’ plugin repository; however, you can also opt for its premium version including its lifetime free updates with a one-time payment of $69 only.

Key Features of ARMember Plugin

  • Fully/Partial Content Restriction
  • Numerous Drip Content Rules
  • Best Membership Setup Wizard
  • Pay Per Post Functionality
  • Built-in Form Builder With Live Preview Feature
  • Online Course Selling feature
  • Digital Downloading
  • Group Membership
  • Easy to Create Social Community 
  • Free Website Migration Tool
  • Gift Membership
  • Integration with Numerous Payment Gateways and email Marketing Tools

#2. WordPress SEO Plugin – Yoast SEO

Yoast - WordPress Plugin For WordPress Website SEO Yoast is highly renowned as the best free WordPress SEO plugin. With 5+ Million active installations along with 25K+ five-star reviews & ratings, Yoast is the one more popular WordPress plugin. Its 99.9% accurate SEO analysis stats and that too in real-time is one of the top-notch features of its unparalleled popularity. Going beyond the traditional SEO aspects evaluation, its content readability analysis feature ensures that it does not focus only on your website ranking in SERPs, but also keeps an eye on how to make users most engaged with your content.

Key Features of Yoast SEO Plugin

  • Comprehensive SEO & content readability analysis
  • Keywords optimization
  • Title and meta description templates
  • Automatic generating & updating XML sitemap
  • Canonical URL setup
  • Insightful content analysis
  • Adding schema markup
  • Set customized OG title, description, and image
  • Internal linking suggestion
  • Integration with Google search console
  • Multiple language support
  • Other advanced features & configuration

#3. WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin –  BookingPress

BookingPress - WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin BookingPress is one of the most popular WordPress plugins designed for a seamless online appointment booking and scheduling experience. Among multifarious options available in the market, BookingPress is one of the fastest-growing plugins getting huge positive responses from its current user base. Its rich set of valuable integrations with industry-leading payment gateways and third-party tools along with all-inclusive features and functionality make this plugin an ideal solution for businesses who are required to manage multiple appointments and services together.

Key Features of BookingPress Plugin

  • Best UI/UX in frontend & backend
  • Easy to integrate with all types of WordPress websites
  • Seamless configuration & integration options
  • 100% customizable booking forms & customer panel
  • Invoice with PDF support
  • Integration with Google, Apple, and Outlook calendar
  • Integration with industry-leading tools like Zoom, Zapier, etc.
  • Advanced reports and analytics dashboard
  • Integration with almost all standard payment gateways like PayPal, Authorize.net, etc.

#4. WordPress Forms Plugin – ARForms

ARForms - WordPress Forms Plugin ARForms is one more robust form builder WordPress plugin widely known for its advanced and efficient form-building and management capabilities. Its amazing library rich with fully customizable pre-designed form templates and drag-and-drop form builder makes the plugin highly commendable for beginner and experienced WordPress developers. Apart from that, conditional logic and integration with well-known email marketing tools, CRM platforms, and payment gateways make ARForms more user and developer-friendly than other form-building WordPress plugins.

Key Features of ARForms Plugin

  • Drag & drop form builder
  • Pre-designed form templates
  • Conditional logic
  • Multi-step forms
  • Integration with well-known payment gateways & email marketing tools
  • Easy data migration & management
  • Fully responsive form designs
  • Top-notch spam protection
  • Fully customized form templates

#5. WordPress Automation Plugin – Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator - WordPress Automation Tool Uncanny Automator is one of the big names under WordPress automation tools or plugins using which one can seamlessly connect various WordPress plugins and automate many tasks that ultimately save time and money to a great extent. The best part of this Automator plugin is its capability to integrate with the most popular WordPress plugins easily and that too without hiring developers. You can easily create automation recipes using the “if this then that” formula without writing code. It’s more like a bridge between your WordPress plugins and third-party tools and takes care that both can perform well together and give you the best possible outcome.

Key Features of Uncanny Automator

  • Integration with a variety of popular WordPress plugins
  • Easy to apply conditional logic 
  • Seamlessly create complex automation sequences and steps
  • In-depth event logging and reporting
  • Integration with membership and e-commerce websites
  • Easy to configure the entire setup of the plugin
  • Automate social media sharing
  • No coding requirement
  • Time & cost saving automation system

#6. WordPress Image Optimization Plugin – Smush

Smush - Image Optimization Plugin Smush is a popular WordPress image optimization and compression plugin to enhance webpage loading time and website performance. Its outstanding feature of lazy loading tactfully boosts websites’ performance and that too without compromising the image quality. One can easily optimize single or multiple images together along with the directory smushing ultimately making the image optimization process faster and developer-friendly.

Key Features of Smush

  • Best image compression without losing its quality
  • Multiple image optimization at once
  • Lazy loading features to load the website fast
  • Image resizing without sacrificing quality
  • Best directory smushing functionality
  • Best image format conversion
  • Integration with popular plugins in WordPress

#7. WordPress Email Marketing Plugin – Icegram Express

Icegram Express - Popular WordPress Plugin Icegram Express is one more popular and the most pocket-friendly WordPress email marketing and newsletter plugin. Taking from email list building to sending emails to prospects and converting them into your customers, you will get everything under its single roof. With 100,000+ active installations and the best customer reviews, Icegram Express is the seventh most popular WordPress plugin. Its versatile features and marketing advantages make this plugin best suited to a versatile user base, i.e. freelancers, bloggers, digital marketers, Woocommerce store owners, non-profile websites, etc.

Key Features of Icegram Express

  • Numerous pre-designed email templates
  • Auto list cleaning
  • Best-in-class anti-spamming features
  • Most user-friendly dashboard
  • Broadcast and post notification emails to subscribers
  • Best WooCommerce email marketing 
  • Integration with the most popular SMTP plugins
  • Integration with various WordPress forms plugins
  • Integration with LMS & other WordPress membership plugins
  • Enough contact storage
  • Best in speed, security, and scalability


From developing membership websites to generating quality leads, these seven top-notch WordPress plugins have gained great respect and trust among the entire WordPress community. While having the availability of endless other plugins in the WordPress plugin repository, the above seven plugins have consistently delivered value to global WordPress users. So, now it’s your time to experiment with all or a few of them to take your WordPress website to the next level.
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