Things to know for Adding Auto Drip Content in Your Membership Website

If you are running a membership website, then at some point, you will want to show your premium level content to your different level of paid members. Whether you sell your premium content for your online course, digital downloads, PDF downloads, e-books, or even for the training course, you would not probably want to show your entire online course all at once. Instead, you will want to display it periodically in a step by step way. That is where the feature of drip content comes in! To make the most out of your online course for your WordPress membership website, you would want to make use of drip content. First, let us understand what drip content is? In a nutshell, a drip content is what allows you to reveal your premium level content gradually, fully, or periodically. If you want to delay the content release to the different levels of your members on your membership website, then in such a case, dripping content can help you to easily schedule your specific content for the different levels of membership plans. Let’s say, for instance, if you are running an online course, then drip content will be pretty much useful as just your paid members will be allowed to get access to your premium content periodically or as scheduled so that they can learn the course module wise. With the best WordPress Membership plugin “Drip Content” feature you can easily schedule your content as and when you want. Meaning, you can show your content after certain days or if you want to make your members get access module wise for the online course you offer, then it’s possible! Why Add Drip Content in your WordPress Membership website? In general, if you want to offer with a monthly / Quarterly / Weekly / Daily / Yearly subscription to give away your premium content to the paid subscribers of your WordPress membership website, then drip content allows you to keep your paid members who have subscribed to get access to your premium content and keep them engaged for a longer time. Apart from that, dripping content can even make your content more effective! Just Imagine, offering an online tutoring course where you can give your users a chance to submit their lessons, assignments, or even taking part in your quizzes before they just move to the next sessions. Now, that’s something you would surely want to get the most advantage out of your WordPress membership website premium content. That being said, the best WordPress membership plugin that allows you to show your premium content with an option of periodic or fully drip content functionality is what you should look for. This is where the ARMember WordPress membership plugin gets into the picture as it is an Ultimate WordPress membership plugin you would ever want! So, here, in this article, we will show you the step by step ways for how to add an automated drip content in your WordPress website with the use of the ARMember WordPress Membership plugin. Let’s jump into it! Selecting Drip Content in ARMember WordPress Membership Plugin First off, when you install and activate the ARMember WordPress membership plugin. Then you need to click on the “Drip Content” option that is placed under the ARMember tab. In the Drip content screen, you will find several dropdown options to select such as content type, plan, drip type, and Shortcode option.

Drip Content in ARMember

Drip content can be set by clicking on the green button of “Add Rule” you see in the above-mentioned image. We will make it easy for you to understand it one by one for what they are and how to make use of them? Content Type The Content Type dropdown shows the options of Page, Post, Products, User Posts, and Custom Content. Membership Plans Thereafter, you get the dropdown option for Plans to select for the membership plans, for example (Standard, Professional, Platinum, or Free Membership). Drip Type Next to the membership plan, you can see the option for “Drip Type” dropdown that shows Immediately, After a certain time of subscription, Specific date onwards, After a certain type of post is published, After a certain type of post is last modified.

Drip Type

You can select any of those options and click on the “Apply” button to see if the “Drip Rule” has already been applied for them. If the drip rule has already been applied, then you can see entries for your selected content type for your selected plans and drip type with the toggle button to enable/disable option.

Drip Content Entries for already added drip rule

Adding Drip Content using ARMember WordPress Membership Plugin To get a clear picture of it, let’s say for instance if you have several posts in your WordPress membership website, among them you want to choose a specific post to drip content for. For that, you have to click on “Add Rule”, you will be able to see a new popup option to “Add New Drip Rule”. This is where you would have to select the Content Type > Post. Below that, you can select posts for which you want to add the new drip rule. Down to that is the Membership Plans option for example “Professional”. Finally, there is the option for “Drip Type” where you can see 5 different types of drip rules.

Add New Drip Rule Post Type

  • Immediately – To apply the drip rule right away once the user gets subscribed and to already subscribed users both to the relevant membership plan
  • After Certain time of Subscription – For applying drip rule for the selected membership plan after the number of days you mention in the “Show After” Box that (Specifies Days) after their subscription date.
  • Drip Type After certain time of subscription

  • Specific Date Onwards – If you want to set the drip rule between the two date ranges namely From Date and To Date, then you can select this option.
  • Drip Type Specific Date Onwards

    Pro Tip – If you want to apply the drip rule for an endless time after From date, then you just need to keep the To Date box empty.
  • After Certain time of post is published – If you want to apply the drip rule for the selected membership plan let’s say 10 days after the post is published, then just enter 10 in the Show After Days box.
  • After Certain time of post is last modified – When you want to set the drip rule for the selected membership plan after a specific number of days (Let’s say 7 days) after the post is modified, then simply put 7 in the Show After days box.

After Certain time of post is last modified

Further, the ARMember WordPress membership plugin gives you the uniquely beneficial option of Custom Content that lets you drip your specific content part instead of the complete post or page content. This is simply done with the simple use of a shortcode. You can easily make use of the custom content option that is placed under the content type.

shortcode for custom content

After selecting the custom content, immediately you can see the shortcode that you can apply in any of the posts, page, or any custom post you want to for dripping specific content. Final Wrapping Finally, when everything is set and done, you can ultimately make use of the drip content feature available in the ARMember WordPress membership plugin to its best and start scaling up your WordPress membership website by displaying your premium level content based on the different membership plan. We hope this article has drawn your attention and helped you to learn about the drip content in a hassle-free manner.
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