7 Best WordPress Class Registration Plugins: Drive Enrollment

Want to put a class registration form on your WordPress website?

There are a few methods to do so – and it’s essential to understand how you want the process to look like for your students as well as whether you are giving classes on or outside your website.

Are you teaching or coaching online and want to connect your enrollments to the software? Do you want something simple like a contact form? Perhaps you are already on any learning management system for selling your courses? 

Considering the variety of questions, let’s first discuss it.

How students are typically registering for a class via a website

  1. Landing on the class page

It’s a dedicated page on your website where you direct your students or they find it on the internet themselves. A potential student navigates to the website’s “Classes” section and finds a class that piques their interest, for example, “Beginner Yoga”.

  1. Registration form display

Upon clicking “Register Now,” a class registration form pops up, inviting them to sign up. This can also be a static page (like a contact form), not a pop-up window.

  1. Form fields

The form typically requests essential information from a student, for example: 

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Class selection
  • Any necessary prerequisites or experience
  1. Payment integration (if applicable)

If the class has a fee, a secure payment gateway is seamlessly integrated, allowing for credit card or other online payment options. This can also be a basic registration form without an instant payment.

  1. Submission and confirmation

After completing the form and/or making any necessary payments, the user clicks “Submit Registration.”

A confirmation message appears, thanking them for registering and providing details about the class, such as date, time, location, and instructor contact information.

But how it all functions on the backend of your website, and which plugin/software drives those registration forms depends on which WordPress course registration plugin you choose.

Now, let’s list WordPress plugins that solve this task in different ways!

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1. Class registration forms with ARMember

ARMember Membership Plugin for WordPress

This awesome plugin makes the registration process intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing thanks to the variety of forms available. It will be most suited to tutors who want to run the full-fledged online courses, with lessons, paid course subscriptions and student communities. In case with this plugin, user and course registration is just one of the features!

You’ll love that it ships with outstanding user profile templates to allow every student to have a beautiful profile on your website. Check out the Online Courses extension to this plugin to discover all its power features.

👉 Visit ARMember

2. User registration forms with User Profile Builder

profile builder

User Profile Builder is a comprehensive WordPress plugin to simplify user role automation, community management, and data protection, all in one plugin.

For the course building and user registration needs, the User Profile Builder plugin offers you an advanced profile builder with drag & drop tools, customizable emails to students, and the content access restriction capabilities to help you better deliver your courses.

👉 Visit User Profile Builder

3. Class scheduling with BookingPress

BookingPress plugin for class scheduling

This is a different WordPress booking plugin solution that will work for teachers who want students to book a lesson at the specific time. For example, during a certain period, you give talks or lessons within a course, and allow students to group schedule a meeting.

Taking into account that it’s an appointment booking solution, your traditional course registration page (as we’ve put it at the beginning) turns into the step-by-step course or lesson booking form, such as in this class demo.

👉 Visit BookingPress

4. Powerful form custom fields with Registration Magic

registration magic

If you need to create a very flexible course registration form with multiple types of extra custom fields, this plugin does its proclaimed ‘magic’. Basically, you will be able to easily create a form for user registration of any complexity and with a smooth design.

Thanks to the built-in analytics feature, you’ll be able to track how your students use the forms on your website. It has a very neat and feature-rich free version worth checking out.

👉 Visit Registration Magic

5. Subscription-based communities with Ultimate Member

Ultimate member plugin

If you create a WordPress course registration page with this popular plugin, you can enable user registration on your website to grant registered visitors access to restricted areas and personalize their experience with custom profile pictures.

It’s the right tool to create subscription-based communities with exclusive content – so if you want your students to not just register but also get the course materials from your own WordPress website, bingo! This plugin will help. There are loads of premium and free extensions offered with this WordPress course registration plugin to tailor your student and website member experiences.

It makes the front-end user profiles and registration smooth and easy.

👉 Visit Ultimate Member

6. Thousands of pre-made templates with Jotform

jotform plugin

This WordPress plugin connects your site to Jotform, a powerful online platform for creating and managing forms of any type, for individuals, businesses and organizations.

With over 10,000 free form templates for any purpose, you can find a pre-built template for the course registration, collect various data types, including text, images, files, and signatures, through diverse form elements.

After your class registration form is created, you can analyze data on the form submissions, collaborate on the form creation with your team members and overall improve your form on multiple levels.

👉 Visit Jotform

7. Simple course registration forms with User Registration

user registration plugin

The User Registration plugin for WordPress excels at one thing: creating basic registration forms easily. It works in a rather traditional WordPress way helping you create a form and publish it with a single shortcode.

Your course registration forms can include multiple custom fields, including those for checkout with payment collection. Moreover, if you’re planning to sell your courses online with WooCommerce, User Registration supports flawless integration with WooCommerce.

👉 Visit User Registration Plugin 

Let’s conclude

In our selection of the Best WordPress Class Registration Plugins, we’ve tried to cover plugins with different approaches to building a course registration page, user management, and membership or course/community operations. There are simple solutions, like Jotform or User Registration; powerful community and membership website building tools like ARMember,   Registration Magic, or User Profile Builder; and multipurpose plugins like Ultimate Member and BookingPress.

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