7 Unique Features of ARMember: The Best Membership Plugin

There are 67.6% of B2C sites in the membership arena and you have decided to launch yours as one of them. A good start, however, without an all-rounder membership site plugin, your journey would not be sustainable in the long run. 

Creating a membership site with WordPress is the perfect choice for starters. WordPress is fundamentally suitable for all types of community building needs, paywalls, content management, subscription setup, class registration, – and the rest of the things you’d need for a proper membership site-building routine.

While you might have already considered various options and membership builder plugins, let us help you make the right choice. This guide entails a list of exclusive ARMember features that would make your membership business journey a breeze. It is one of the most powerful and well-thought tools as per its development. 

Here are certain features of the ARMember tool that are unique to this Plugin based on its capability and functions. 

Unlimited Membership Levels: Serve Wider Audiences

unlimited membership plans feature

Different members have different needs and a budget. You might be even hosting specific groups within your membership base built for unique needs. As a membership owner and creator, you might want to lay down different plans with different benefits to attract a larger base of audience. 

With a feature to create unlimited membership levels and customization options with ARMember, it’s easy for you to design a variety of plans with various features, access levels, and cost. 

There are many other benefits that come with the accessibility to create multiple membership levels. 

  • More room to experiment with different pricing structures
  • The flexibility to adapt and add new features or tiers as per the membee’s needs, review, and progress of the business
  • Significant amount of flexibility and scalability for all your membership programs.

Pay Per Post: Get More Flexibility with Selling Individual Content

pay per post feature

A post in WordPress is a single customizable web page where you can place all types of interactive content elements, from static text to videos and animations.

When you have a membership site wherein clients pay for a subscription to the entire content library, this is how traditional memberships function. However, they might not require everything that you offer. Thus, a flat membership fee cannot be ideal for everyone. 

The alternative way is to enable pay per post feature for your content library. Herein, a user can buy a specific blog post, specific template, a specific post or page as per your offerings. This also works with our

WooCommerce add-on, so there’s an availability of multiple membership payment gateways. Paying per post allows members to purchase only the specific content they need.

This means so much flexibility for selling and scaling your content. For example, a financial planning website could offer basic budgeting tips for free, while in-depth investment strategies are locked behind a paywall for a per-article fee.

Moreover, you can set up a whole bunch of settings for each post with ARMember, such as adding a registration form, selecting the required payment gateways specifically for one post, and customizing a registration page layout.

Unparalleled Content Dripping: Boost User Engagement & Retention

content dripping feature

Let’s face it, every membership software offers content dripping options, which means releasing content at scheduled times.

However, here at ARMember, we ensure that you get the most out of this feature for boosting user engagement and retention over time. How exactly? 

  1. Multiple Flexible Dripping Options: after a specific number of days from the start of the subscription; on specific date; immediately; after a certain time following content publication; after a certain time following content modification.
  2. Apply dripping options based on the member subscription plan.
  3. Apply dripping options to various WordPress post types and pages individually.
  4. Customize email notifications to send at the release of each content 

The many drip-feeding content options will help you smartly organize content for the members instead of giving it all at once, helping you shape your content strategy for better user engagement and retention.

Beautiful & Powerful Forms with the Built-in Form Builder

built in form builder feature - armember

One of the star plugins developed by the ARMember team includes a very popular form builder for WordPress. The wonderful news is that our extensive experience with form-building products is seamlessly integrated into the form-building processes for ARMember.

For the membership site needs, the ARMember WordPress membership plugin makes it easier to design member registration forms, login forms, forgot/change password forms, member profiles, and more.

The top benefits that you’ll enjoy when building membership site forms with ARMember:

  • Fast and intuitive form customization with drag-and-drop form fields.
  • Extensive design and color control with more than 12 color schemes.
  • Awesome Font Icons 
  • A huge list of important fields for a member registration page (including Website URL, File Upload, Country, City, Birth Date, Biography, and more).
  • Many more helpful form fields: Checkbox, Radio Buttons, Dropdown, Text Area, Password Field, File Upload.
  • Right-to-Left (RTL) Support.
  • The option to make forms pop up on your site.
  • Integration with BuddyPress and BuddyBoss.

Overall, you’ll be able to create membership forms that look great and work smoothly and intuitively for your members.

Top-Tier Member Profiles & Directories

member profile and directories feature

We take great pride in our library of member profile templates in ARMember that will help your clients craft truly impressive profiles.

  1. A modern collection of member directories, including lists and grids, various number of columns, minimalist and information-rich layouts, animation effects, etc.: View Demo 👈
  2. Public profile templates for your members with a scope to upload photos, social media link integration, bio, and contact details.
  3. You can even provide separate profile designs for different membership plans assigned to a client!

WordPress Membership Plugin with Utmost Security Focus

best security features - armember

We know how important it is to build a protected environment for sites with user login areas, that’s why we ensure you and your members have complete confidence in the security measures integrated with ARMember.

  • Login attempts limit and lockout control.
  • Manage blocking time intervals for blocked users.
  • Create restrictions for popular usernames as logins.

Everything is Customizable & Developer-Friendly

best customization option

Built with the utmost customization in mind, ARMember maximizes your editing capabilities on both levels, functionality and design. From easy partial content restriction to choosing a layout for a member profile, or setting up a payment method (with 25+ payment gateways!) to tailoring a user registration form that suits your WordPress theme’s design, everything is customizable. 

Furthermore, with the availability of ARMember API, developers can take the plugin’s environment further and optimize our membership solution to various client needs. Just grab the hooks and start building a client website of their dreams.

Let’s Conclude

Well, if you are tired of sifting through membership plugins, we’ve just given you multiple reasons why ARMember, offering unique features you won’t find elsewhere, can ensure you a smooth start and sustain all your future growth goals. 

  • Customize everything in your membership ecosystem: from the content dripping options and payment gateways to the design of login pages and member directories.
  • Enable pay-per-post pricing to sell more individual content pieces and customize your membership.
  • Get a good-looking membership site with top-tier member profiles and member directories.
  • Protect your site with smart built-in security features.
  • Serve any audience with unlimited membership levels.

👉 try ARMember for Free ☑️

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