6 of the Impeccable Online Courses Selling Platforms in 2023

After the beginning of this new pandemic era, it’s of no big secret that online learning courses are at a new booming hype nowadays!

The e-learning and online courses are rising at a rapid pace and particularly – this industry is gradually gaining a new hype!

Rather, creating and building an online course could be by far the best way to earn a passive source of income for most of people.

Now, before we go with the best platforms for creating and selling the online courses, first we would like to take you to understand in-depth about the online course platforms.

So, If you are among one of those folks who is looking to create and sell the online courses, but pretty much confused and couldn’t figure out which one to choose among the plethora of online courses.

With that being said, you need to keep track on what people are really looking for with this premium online course offerings is that mentors, teachers, and coaches keep all the records of the registered students and keep track of all the performed activities, exams, achievements, and based on that makes the accountability to their goals.

Here are the things that you should know about the Online Course Platforms

First Off, Online learning course platforms are all about the LMS (Learning Management Systems). With such types of platforms, users can get access to in-depth digital courses.

In short, they offer virtual courses that are pretty much similar to offline learning courses. With these types of platforms, the tutor or the trainer provides their best tutoring education and instructions through the videos, images, audios, texts, and even with the PDF files downloads for the online learning courses that are offered to the students/users.

Along with that, the online learning course platforms are great as they provide the facility to conduct the examinations, perform the different exercises allotted to the students/users, allows users to take notes, perform exercises, and also with some of the amazing things like participate in the quiz contest as well as get the achievement and badges when they perform to the higher level while they attend the online learning courses.

Better yet, these type of online learning courses has the ability to offers achieving goals related things such as achieving the course completion certificates, ability to easily upload the content along with the customizable look and feel options, features related to the marketing and also to better optimize sales funnel as well.

With the utilization of these online learning course platforms, the course creator can have an easy option to charge their students/users with a fee to access their online learning courses.

The Best Online Course creating Platforms List


Online Courses Selling Platforms

Thinkific is a powerful feature-rich platform that can help you to create and sell your online course in no time.

Thinkific can prove to be a maverick platform that tends to market your online courses further offers you to share your knowledge, expertise, engage your audience, and to boost your business bringing it to the next level.

With this impressive platform, it's easy for you to build your course by uploading videos, allows you to build quizzes, and to keep your online course content organized with an easy to use drag and drop builder.

That’s not all, even it can help you can build your design and course website where you will be able to show your online courses and enhance your sales by designing a sell education-specific website.

Key Features of Thinkific

  • Supports adding of rich multimedia content using videos, texts, Quizzes, Surveys, discussions, type forums, Google Docs, Captivate, and articulate.

  • Ability to customize your course like showcasing private and hidden courses, multiple instructors, drip schedule content, evergreen and expiring content

  • Allows you to show the pricing options for your courses to fit every size and style of

  • Offers the coupons and other promotional features like free trials, upsells, payment plans, and more.

  • Supports 100+ currencies options

  • Provides the options for the students to get a better learning experience with features like clear progress indicator, unlimited replays of courses, and even language controls.

  • Ability to keep you content and online course data safe and secure

Further, this robust platform allows you to track the progress of the students to keep them focused on personalized emails. Also, you can monitor and optimize your business with group reports, cohort reports, data exports, and more.

Pricing: The basic plan for Thinkific starts from $39 / Month.


Online Courses Selling Platforms

Teachable is an excellent platform that can draw your attention if you are looking for a reliable platform to choose for creating and building an online course with seamless easy to use features.

With this easy to use the platform, you don’t need to have the hassle of tech, design, hosting, or marketing integration's.

Here are the Enticing Features of Teachable:

  • Completely optimized for the web as well as the mobile with the fully responsive designs that fit bests on any devices whether mobile, desktop, or tablet.

  • Allows to host the unlimited courses, course content, and students to upload as many videos, audios, PDFs, and more without any extra added charges

  • Provides you with the useful features of showing quizzes, forums, drip content, and native comments to improve the students learning experience.

  • Analytics tracking of students engagement and also supports hosting on custom domains as well

  • Offers coupons options, advanced pricing options like membership, subscription, one-time payments, and more

  • Accepts payments globally for more than 130+ currencies.

  • Keeps your courses data safe and secure both for you and your students

Besides, teachable is a great platform that offers an all in one-course builder without ever need of any tech skills from your side.

Pricing: The Basic plan for teachable starts from $39 / Month.


Online Courses Selling Platforms

Kajabi is yet another top-notch platform if you are looking to create, build, and sell your online courses and digital products more efficiently.

Apart from the online courses and digital downloads, you can sell membership, training portals, file downloads, and much more from the single platform.

Effective features of Kajabi

  • Allows you to easily create awebsite with a powerful website builder

  • Easy integration with popular payment gateways like PayPal, and Stripe

  • Its visual editor will easily let you create the customized emails with the video, countdown timer and more integration

  • Allows you to optimize and enhance your business with automated marketing funnels and campaigns.

  • Provides you with the smarter reports with its web analytics dashboard with the fast insights that can help you to grow business

  • Works as a complete automated CRM that can help you with the triggered emails, coupons, and product access by setting simple rules

  • Provides a seamless mobile experience with its ready-made mobile app that can help to overcome the barrier of accessing an online course through a mobile browser.

Pricing: The Basic plan of Kajabi starts from $149 / Month for 1 Website for a single admin user.


Online Courses Selling Platforms

Podia is a superb and an eye-catchy platform that offers to sell online courses, memberships, downloads, and webinars.

The best part is that this platform has an easy to access features that makes it easy even for a novice or a non-tech savvy person to build the online courses on the go.

Amazing Features of Podia

  • Provides facility to add videos, rich text, images, testimonials, and more

  • Allows you to add your logo and color customization options

  • Provides the drip content to schedule the delay of your online course section-by-section

  • Provides the payment plans options so students have the option to pay for your course in monthly installments

  • Facilitates the option of pre sell courses, quiz options, and collecting emails before your online courses launches

  • Offers digital downloads where you can sell eBooks, PDFs, audio files, text, cheat sheet, checklists, videos, or any content you want to

  • Live chat messaging tool to build a better relationship with customers

  • Allows you to host live events and webinars for your audience

Pricing: The pricing for its Mover plan starts from $39 / Month


Online Courses Selling Platforms

LearnWorlds is a robust online selling course platform that can allow you to smoothly create, sell, and promote your online courses.

You can start monetizing your skills, experience, and can engage your audience by providing them the better learning experience.

Hence, whether it is about engaging learners with your videos, e-books, note-taking, certificates, self-assessment, or more, you can make the utilization of the advanced features of LearnWorlds to showcase your online learning courses to the best.

Important Features of LearnWorlds

  • Ability to show the video transcript, add hotspots, questions, add titles, and even the images with just a single click of a button

  • Scheduling your online course with the drip feed for when you want them to display

  • Facilitates various ways to add notes and highlights that can help users to easily read and enhance their scanning strategies.

  • Offers the school site builder with fully customized templates to easily build your online school

  • Allows you to show different tests, quizzes, measuring performance, allotting assignments, and certificates deliverability as well

  • Provides plenty of stunning elements and widgets

  • Offers payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, and Shopify

  • Provides facility to design, create, and award your personalized digital certificates to the learners to show their competencies after their course completion.

Additionally, this awesome online course platform allows you to build a learning community where learners can easily discuss their problems, convey their thoughts and ideas, share their overall learning experience, and can learners can even communicate with each other.

Pricing: The price for the Starter plan of LearnWorlds begins at $29 / Month.


Online Courses Selling Platforms

Ruzuku is an outstanding platform for people who wants to create and sell their online courses.

This is a great platform that is specially built to fulfill all that you need for selling an online course. Whether it be engaging your students, or if you are looking for an easy way to teach online, this platform is specifically designed to allow you to focus on content creation.

Features of Ruzuku

  • Allow you to host and stream video and audio both

  • Facilitates students to post PDF files, images, and videos in response

  • Email notifications when a student posts a question

  • Accept payment through PayPal and Stripe

  • Allows students to mark their own activity such as completed or pending to track their progress

  • Easy integration with email service provider like Mailchimp

Pricing: The price for Ruzuku starts at $75 / Month

Final Takes

Finally, we hope that this article has drawn your attention with the best platforms for creating and selling online courses.

If you enjoyed reading this article, just let us know your thoughts and ideas about it in the comment section!

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