10 Best Email List Building Tactics for 2024

Some people often get surprised by how they receive emails from different brands or top-ranking websites daily because those websites or brands added these people to their email lists. Email lists are a top-notch idea of marketing and maximizing your reach.It means you convey their message to your potential customers visiting your website. If someone signing-ups on a particular website, they add them to their email list. So, these are strategies to increase the contacts for building your lists. The formation of email lists mainly depends on two factors
  • Traffic on a website
  • Advantageous to sign up on the page
If you fulfill these requirements, you are on the way to creating your email list.

What is an email list?

Email lists are also a form of contact lists that helps you to stay in contact with your potential customers. However, in these lists, you can send emails to your contacts. It is instead of forwarding messages or making phone calls. These lists help the entrepreneurs to broadcast their message to the people who want to know about them. Those people who have subscribed to your website, newsletter, or pages know about your discounts, offers, or special packages via these lists. However, email marketing has several other potential benefits. The heightened benefits of this strategy made it a favorite for commercializing your products or ideas in 2024.

10 Best Email List Building Tactics for 2024

Although formulating email lists needs traffic and quality sign-up. However, some beneficial tactics can help you to grow your business. Jon Cifuentes mentions in his study that maximum ROI is generatable through email marketing. The focal person of MediaPost’s Email Insider, Mike may, also quotes the same thing. He adds that a website investing one dollar in email marketing services can generate a revenue of a total of forty dollars. Nearly every businessman or entrepreneur wants to generate maximum revenue through his businesses. A high ROI is the ultimate dream of every person. So, if you wish to be one of the successful entrepreneurs, follow these email list-building strategies. Here are some tried tactics that will enable you to enjoy such ROI.

1. Using transparent and conventional opt-in forms

email-forms-2023 You might be able to generate email lists. However, if you are new to this, keep in mind that collecting the email addresses of maximum people is your primary assignment. For collection, make a conventional opt-in form. As a website owner, try to keep the form straightforward. Design it in such a way that catches the attention of the visitor. For example, add a catchy line like wanna get the discount links in your inbox. Such attractive lines will compel people to opt-in. However, make it very simple for the users to drop their email addresses. Such forms are of appreciable value for maximizing your reach. However, some website owners turn off this option on their websites. But it is not a good practice.

2. Embedded signing up forms

email-sign-up-forms Another powerful tactic of bringing contacts to your list is using such pages. You can surprise your customers with embedded quizzes. Make these forms appear on the pages with maximum traffic. It is a polite reminder for visitors to sign up for your page. You can make these forms appear in different forms like:
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Sidebars
You can also formulate a submerged sign-up page for your website. It means you can display a button on any of your high-traffic pages. These buttons will enable and motivate people to sign up for your official website. The landing pages are effective places to use such display buttons. You may get amazed after reading this tactic because it sounds usual. However, it is one of the tried and proven tactics that will surely help you in 2024.

3. Providing reasonable and beneficial incentives to your visitors

email-subscribers-list Provide a worthy and advantageous incentive to your customers for subscribing. The incentive could be in the form of monetary benefits, a discount, customized products, etc. DMA group conducted a search that mentions that about sixty percent of website visitors subscribe to a website to get a reward or an offer. You can provide a free one-page checklist or an ebook to your customers as an opt-in incentive. You can reorder your old posts or blogs as a freebie for your new visitors to grab their attention. Here are some points for your information to provide a good and worthy incentive:
  • Invest your time and effort in investigating the needs of people.
  • Try to search out what people are looking for in an offer.
  • When people visit your site, give them an incentive like free shipping on the products or limited time for a sale, etc.
  • You can find different keywords for bringing many customers to your website.
  • You can increase the probability of getting emails from people by providing them with an incentive for their interest.
  • Make your incentive very outstanding and mind-blowing.
  • An opt-in offer must be problem-solving for the target market. It will be disheartening if you create an offer with no personal benefit.
  • Try different templates available online for the creation of your opt-in offer.

4. Understand the exceptional power of content

People forget the old blog posts with time. As time goes by, people can lose interest in the old offers. A website owner must sustain the attention of people in their website content. So, it is a matter of great interest to know; how to attract people to old posts. You can consider the formation of HubPages for this purpose. It will help optimize your website and content. So, you can get more search engine optimization and subscribers. How to create a hub page for renewing the content? Develop a page regarding an old topic for attracting new and old customers. Provide a hyperlink to your old posts on these pages. You can also merge an opt-in box for future updates and references. There are different ways of content creation. For example, you can create video content via free online video editor, formulate ebooks and free blog posts to strengthen your website. Update your content and upload it daily. It is because it is crucial for SEO. The rate of progress can be below. However, it will help the search engines to pick up and rank your website. Keep in mind that the organic traffic may demand weeks, months, or even years. However, minute traffic will be possible daily.

5. Target your landing pages

landing-page Discounts and incentives may not be enough to bring traffic to a website. Other techniques and strategies also matter. Remember that if you run an email marketing company, create a time limit for your customers. It will put the audience and visitors in a hurry to buy your offers and sign-up. You can direct your audience to a landing page instead of a homepage. A landing page has fewer not of widgets or tabs that can help you to bring conversion. So the odds of converting visitors to subscribers becomes more extraordinary with a landing page. However, change the product with the time. Give an offer according to the timezones and trends. It will compel the visitors to make an instant click.

6. Creating giveaways

Different case studies mention that giveaways are a better way to generate conversions. People tend to fill the forms related to giveaways more than signing in a newsletter. The game contests are also a better way to collect the emails for your lists. Bryan Harris, a website owner, organized a giveaway, and he succeeded in gathering more than two thousand email addresses in only ten days. Are you curious about how Bryan succeeded in generating a giveaway? Here are some notable points for your assistance:
  • Check whether the contest or giveaway suits your business.
  • These contests must be appropriate, and the match goes with your business idea.
  • Decide your target before the promotion of your giveaways.
  • A marketing officer must know what you want to get from it.
  • Giveaways must match the interest of your population.
  • They must be problem-solving and should accomplish the desires of your target.
  • You can use automated online software for the collection of all data.
  • Make the process smooth.
  • Spread your words via different social media platforms and ensure that people also commercialize them.
  • Keep a record of all people who have filled the signing forms and have not yet.
  • Make sure that your audience must be aware of the winners.
  • You can create hype for it and fulfil your promise in time.

7. Using referral programs

These are the most strategic ways to bring the audiences to your website and make them sign up. Starbucks and Dropbox became the strongest contenders in their field due to these referrals. Thanks to these referral programs that enable you to direct millions of people to your official website. There are different perceptions about the referrals. Some people quote that these programs are a form of bribe. But there are the following ways of referring people:
  • haring or forwarding the newsletter.
  • Welcome emails.
However, these steps are not of great worth. You can offer something more valuable in turn of a referral. So, people can brighten your referral program with a discount or a free coupon.

8. Creating campaigns with social media platforms

social media platforms Social media marketing is also getting important with time. People recommend using the Facebook ads program for spreading awareness and your message. It has become the strongest contender for generating leads. If your lead gets nurtured, direct it to your landing page. It will help you to get emails. Twitter leads generation cards are also an effective way of social media sharing to convert visitors into subscribers. However, this tactic may work only for businesses active on Twitter.

9. Use lead magnets

E-commerce is a great way to earn revenue by investing a small amount of capital. However, the public does not have any good thoughts about e-stores. It is the main reason why there are no subscribers. To generate traffic, you must use lead magnets. Here are some examples of it:
  • Gift cards.
  • Newsletters.
  • Access to e-libraries.
  • Free PDF.
Make a restriction that if someone wants to use any of these facilities, he must fill the signing forms. It will help you engage a boatload of traffic without making any investment.

10. Include a CTA in your bios

You can add a CTA to your bio. It means if someone needs to get access to the catchy content on your website, he must subscribe to it. So, this way will help you to get a new subscriber.


Check all these strategies for engaging the maximum number of subscribers. All the above tactics have been tested and tried by website owners for several years. If customers join your lists, you can provide them with beneficiary content. It will help you to generate revenue. These ideas will help you bring conversions.
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