Informative Guide to Drip Content for a WordPress Membership Website

If you run a membership website where your business is concerned about selling online stuff like online courses, then, one thing that you need to ensure and keep it on a high priority is the “Drip Content”. Whether you are offering an online course, digital downloads, online video, or audio courses, you always want to consider drip content functionality to keep your membership website members engaged at the optimum level. In fact, with the drip content, you can allow the paid members of your membership website to get access to your premium content one after the other, as it tends to bring curiosity among the paid members to keep coming back to your membership website until they finish the course completely – which will make them visit your site more often! So, here in this article, we will let you understand the Drip Content in-depth in a step by step manner, First, let’s understand what actually is the “Drip Content” What is Drip Content? In a nutshell, drip content allows you to release your content by scheduling it for the members of your website in a step by step way, in a way you want your premium level content of your membership website to – Your members can only get access to a certain part of your premium content until it’s unlocked! This means, you can create a schedule of your content for your paid or free members either by making the full drip content or you can even reveal your content periodically. Let’s say for example when someone joins as a paid member or subscriber for your membership website to get access to the premium content, then for the first week, they will be able to see the content set for one week time, but when they wait for the next week or a month, then they will see the next piece of content. Similarly, if any of the paid members or subscribers have joined your membership site to get access to your premium content, and then after a while they cancel the subscription, then after the expiration of their subscription or their plan, their premium content access will be gone. Now, that is what the “Drip Content” is all about where people won’t get all the premium content access at once, the premium level content gradually gets dripped out for them and they get to access it little by little over a period of time. Further, we will discuss the impact of Drip Content The Impact of Dripping Content In today’s digital era, people are looking towards online learning things and it has significant growth as well! So, if you are running an online course or whether you sell digital products for your membership website, then with the use of “dripping content” functionality, you can easily reveal your content module wise where your members can have access to the content immediately or after a certain time as scheduled. Just imagine a scenario where for example if you are running a membership website for an online tutoring course. Now, you would for sure don’t want your website members to get access to all your course lessons and modules all at once. Instead, you might want your paid members to get access for the next level of the module after they complete the first one, but at the same time for your first module content access, you want to set the time frame let’s say for a week or maybe for a certain number of days, or even for the specific date range that is (between the two date range). In all such scenarios, you will want to have the functionality of “Drip Content”- Such is the impact of drip content! Ahead of that, we are going to explain to you why it is necessary to add the drip content in a way that you could understand it more broadly and further make the concept of Drip content crystal clear in your mind! So, here we go! Why you should Add Drip Content in WordPress? In general, if you simply want to allow your premium level of content to your paid members all at once, then you can simply do so through your WordPress membership website. But “Dripping Content” for your WordPress membership website can ensure to keep the paid members of your WordPress membership website to keep them engaged for a long time. Further, as the drip content normally requires your members to interact (especially for your drip content) more often. This could prove to be a great thing as they will keep coming back to your WordPress membership website – As they will keep coming back to access your premium level content Valid Reason for why you want Drip Content? First off, as mentioned above, you will always want your members to navigate back to your membership website, right? For making that happen, you will want to create amazing content to offer to your members who have either subscribed to your monthly / Daily / Quarterly / Yearly / or have paid a one-time pay subscription. Now, if you offer your members with such kind of multiple payment cycles offering, then in such a case, it’s obvious you should be looking forward to offering drip content. You simply just don’t want to give all your premium content access all at once; instead, you would want your registered and paid members to have your high-quality content access bit by bit. For a better lookout, let’s say you run tutoring for online music classes, then a “Drip Content” can easily give your members the opportunity to complete a music session (module) or a section in a given period of time frame. Additionally, with “Drip Content”, you set module completion dates for them. This way, your members can be more productive as they keep completing their sessions as per the module completion instead of completing all at once. In short, dripping content can prove to be effective as your paid members and subscribers have invested their time and also would be eager for the completion of your online course. Why Setting up the Drip Content is Essential for a WordPress Membership Website? Dripping content has many benefits when it comes to running an online learning website. Especially, for a WordPress membership website, where your basic motto is to sell large-sized online learning courses! One of the best things that “Drip Content” does best is that it allows you to set the delivery date to show your high-quality content to your sign-up or paid members. Suppose, for example, you have a set of modules to publish 7 days after they sign up, then that content will always be on a 7 days delay. Regardless of when they sign up for the course, your content will be on a 7 days delay for them. Well, this is pretty much beneficial for the huge courses that you need to be delivered over a long time. Having said that, even schools and tutoring classes can also benefit from the use of Drip Content. Before the school year starts, you can have all the lessons and course syllabus configured and then make the delivery of the learning lessons in a sequential way. Further, your website will automatically drip your content to your students without any hassle of any other stuff from your side. How to Set Up a Drip Content on Your WordPress Membership Website? To set up drip content effortlessly for your WordPress membership website, you will want to make utilization of the best WordPress membership plugin that can offer you the advanced features of Drip Content and with some other great functionalities within. For doing so, we will take you to the ultimate WordPress membership plugin – the ARMember WordPress membership plugin which offers a great set of features that you will ever want for creating and running a successful membership website for WordPress. When you are in the ARMember WordPress membership plugin dashboard, first, you need to ensure about activating the “Drip Content” from the ARMember> Add-ons option.

Drip Content Addon

Having said that, we will further dig into the drip content feature in the ARMember WordPress membership plugin and how you can access it! For that, here are the steps that you can follow to easily apply the feature of drip content for your WordPress membership website.
    • First, you need to navigate to the WordPress Dashboard> ARMember.
Drip Content Feature
    • You will be able to see the Drip Content tab placed under the ARMember.

Drip Content Feature in ARMember

    • Next, for adding drip content, you will have to “Add New Drip Rule” by clicking on the Add Rule button. When you click Add Rule, a new screen of “Add New Drip Rule” will pop-up. Have a look at the image below!

Add New Drip Rule

Interestingly, with the use of “Drip Type”, you can have the option for dripping your content with various other options in the ARMember WordPress membership plugin. Drip Type You can either drip your content immediately, after a certain time of subscription, after a certain time of post is published, a specific date onwards, or even after a certain time of post is modified – The choice depends upon you. Further, the ARMember WordPress membership plugin offers you to add custom content to any of your WordPress membership website posts, page, or any custom post which can be applied with the use of a shortcode. You can explore more about how to add auto-drip content in your WordPress membership website from the post – Things to know for Adding Auto Drip Content in your Membership website. Some of the Handy Tips to Manage the Drip Content in WordPress to the Best! Pro Tips: As we have discussed above how useful and powerful is the utilization of the Drip content feature for your WordPress membership website. Some of the useful tips: Although you might be using this superficial feature of Drip content for your WordPress membership website, you should always have a solid content strategy before you are about to release your content with the use of Drip content. On the flip side, you should always adapt to learn based on your member’s behavior to retain maximum members registration to your membership website – Meaning, you should be able to figure out what are the things that encourage your members to sign up for the paid membership plan and what are the bottlenecks that stop them. Final Takeaways That’s it for this article, finally all we could say is that drip content functionality in a membership website is what makes the members to stay and keep track of their progress. It can also bring curiosity to learn for the scheduled dripping content to get them up to the next level. Further, dripping content with the WordPress membership plugin like ARMember can be a sure bet for you to get aim for an achievable goal when it comes to succeeding for your WordPress membership website. Liked reading this article? Just show us your support by sharing this article with your friends and colleagues in your network on social media channels.
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