7 Actionable Tips to Boost Your Membership Website Growth

Do you find your membership website growth stagnant? It looks like you’re desperately looking for magical lifehacks. Well, we understand your frustration and are here to extricate you! Let us walk you through seven actionable tips that made our clients push their growth 10x faster! Are you ready to explore them? Let’s get into it!

7 Tips To Accelerate Your Membership Site Growth

#1. Leverage The Power of Blog Page

Content marketing is the most abiding and strategic approach to nurturing your audience! A report says 71% of marketers found it one of the most potent marketing strategies last year. Running a blog for a membership website is also content marketing. The more valuable content you publish on your blog page, the higher your chances of showing your website on SERPs; that’s the essence of this marketing strategy. Unlike blogging, it takes time to bring engagement to your website’s blog page; however, once done, it will undoubtedly work like a magnet to grab a constant flow of new members, ultimately generating potential revenue for your membership site. Don’t miss it, as it has proved game-changing for many clients!

#2. Implement an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a great deal where a non-salaried sales team promotes your membership in exchange for the commission you pay them on conversion! For a successful affiliate program, it’s recommended first to identify your target audience and then find the best-suited affiliates who can accurately promote your content in front of your target audience. A well-structured affiliate commission and incentive plans motivate affiliates to promote your membership website actively, consequently boosting your site’s conversion rate!

#3. Don’t Forget To Harness The Power of Free Trials

Free trial is one of the best-performing marketing hacks to increase upselling and conversion rates of a membership website. Today, nearly all of our clients have found this strategy outranking others when it comes to enticing potential members and their active engagement! As a part of this strategy, you, as a website owner can simply ask for payment details from your potential members, ensuring not to charge a single penny for a specific time, also known as a free trial period. It allows your potential to engage with your membership platform before spending any amount. The free trial will surely be a well-performing tactic to take your membership website growth to the next level! ARMember can be your ultimate partner to set up the best free-trial strategy for your WordPress membership website.

#4. Encourage Conversion By Publishing Reviews & Testimonials

In the world of marketing gimmicks, winning the customers’ trust in any business becomes harder. However, positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers could be a game-changer. Research states that nine out of ten people believe what the existing customers put forward rather than what a business says about itself. Remember, your potentials always look for proof of whether spending their hard-earned bucks on your membership website is worth it. Thus, showing them the reviews and testimonials of your existing members recommending your membership website is more likely to convert them.

#5. Unleash the Potential of Business Networking Referrals

Referral marketing is one of the earliest and most successful marketing strategies holding a higher conversion rate than others. According to research, referral marketing gives you 16% higher customer lifetime value than others. As a membership site owner, you can leverage networking and referral marketing strategies in various ways. For example: if you’re selling online photography courses on your membership site, you can approach various camera suppliers and decide on a mutually beneficial agreement by recommending each others’ services. Witnessing the huge success of many of our clients adopting referral as one of the core marketing strategies for their membership website, we highly recommend you harness its power to secure long-term revenue possibilities for your membership site.

#6. Simplify Your Sign-Up Form

A simplified registration process is one of the keys to gaining more signups on your membership website. Ensure your membership website’s signup form entails only the most significant fields, such as full name, email address, password, etc., and avoid asking for irrelevant information from the user. The more complex your signup process will be, the more users will likely leave the process in between, as not everyone will be interested in providing much information you ask for. Moreover, it also undoubtedly makes the entire process boring at a certain level.

#7. Clear and Elegant Call to Action Buttons are Must

The primary aim of a membership website is to attract and convert more potential visitors into members. Enticing call-to-action at prominent places throughout your membership website plays a vital role in the success of your membership journey! Make sure your CTA button design perfectly balances attractive colors, font size, font style, and other design elements according to your brand guidelines. Moreover, the text on your CTA button can also positively or negatively impact your conversion rate. All in all, performing in-depth research for designing a winning CTA is mandatory.

Final Thoughts:

Want to see significant growth of your membership website? Don’t stick to one or two only; however, keep adopting multiple strategies is necessary! It’s an ongoing process and should be followed without fail, as obtaining new members is the key reason behind the success of your membership website. Isn’t it? Looking for answers about the “ARMember” plugin? Explore the comprehensive list of frequently asked questions – here. Also read: How To Grow Your Business With a Membership Website?
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