6 Ways to Make Money With WordPress’ ARMember Plugin

Curious about how you can monetize your WordPress website? You can make money with WordPress in many ways, and a membership website is like a gold mine. Its features, like exclusive content along with a thriving community, have revolutionized the way of monetization. Today, you can find an array of WordPress membership plugins providing limitless opportunities to thrive there! ARMember is one of such most sought-after WordPress plugins. It offers various monetization options for your membership websites under a single roof. So, let’s unveil six secret ways to unlock your WordPress website’s profitability with the ARMember plugin.

6 Methods To Make Money With WordPress Website Using ARMember

The ARMember plugin has been designed with the aim of letting you build a sustainable and lucrative membership business. You can monetize it in any of the following ways:

#1. One-time Charge

Now selling a complete package of premium content or services to your members and charging them a fixed price just once is easy with ARMember. It’s one of the most convenient ways to make money with WordPress membership sites for those who offer premium online courses and tutorials to their members.

#2. Make Recurring Income Through a Subscription Model

ARMember is a perfect WordPress membership plugin to set recurring earning opportunities through a subscription model. You can easily set up flexible subscription plans as required and earn income from your members at particular intervals (weekly/monthly/yearly).

#3. Finite Membership

ARMember offers the flexibility to let you set up various membership plans with different durations. You can opt for a lifetime membership with no expiration or finite membership with a specific duration. Finite membership simply means that your members will get the plan’s benefits for a limited period defined while it is set up.

#4. Per Post Charges

This feature of the ARMember plugin lets you charge your users for accessing specific posts on your WordPress website. It also allows you to configure payment settings for individual posts. So, you can define separate charges for different posts based on the value it offers your users.

#5. Parallel Memberships Subscription

ARMember’s parallel membership subscription feature empowers you to offer various membership levels simultaneously. It means that users can subscribe to more than one membership plan at a time, which provides additional value and benefits to your audience and ultimately increases your revenue potential.

#6. Multiple Billing Cycles

ARMember lets you set various payment frequencies for your members, such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, etc. It’s one of the best ways to set a recurring revenue stream through your membership website. Users who opt for longer billing cycles, such as annual subscriptions, commit to extended membership periods, ensuring a consistent income source for your website. Moreover, it also lets you secure larger upfront payments, increasing overall revenue for your membership website.

Bottom Line:

All in all, ARMember offers an array of versatile methods to make money with the WordPress website. Whether it’s membership subscription, content restriction, or selling digital products, you can find every possible revenue-generating option under a single roof! So, are you also planning to make money with the WordPress site? If yes, harness the power of this proven money-making WordPress plugin ARMember to convert your simple WordPress website to a membership one!  
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