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Nowadays, it is no big secret that most companies and brands use social media to enhance their audience reach. With an increasing number of social media use like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other popular social networks, they are mostly used to get more exposure to a broader audience reach. Having said that, when it comes to the membership website, there are vast benefits that social media can deliver for a membership website. So, if you want to build an advanced level membership website for WordPress and want to have social connections and social feature integration, that is what we are going to explain to you here in this article. Getting access to such features would require a great WordPress membership plugin! Our takes are going to be on the ARMember WordPress membership plugin. Just stay tuned! We will discuss the things you need to know for having these amazing features of Social Connect, Social Community, and Social features for your WordPress membership website! But first, we will make you understand the need for social media integration that can help you build a social community. What are the Reasons for Utilizing Social Community, Social Connect, and Social Features for a Membership Website? One of the most crucial things that a social community feature can help you with for your membership website is that it allows your members to communicate and keep engaged with the people on your membership website. Just as the social community feature helps to get maximize the member engagement, so does the social feature, and Social Connect integration can help you to improve your membership website management. Better yet, here is what your membership website can gain with the above mentioned social community and social feature integration:
  • Easily increase the traffic with the higher members reach in a short time
  • Members can easily share their post content, like a post, add comments, and more.
  • Get the increased number of members and their engagement level
  • Allows your members to get logged in to your membership website with their social networks.
Plus, there is much more than a social community, social connect, and social features that can benefits you for your membership website. We will walk you through what each of these feature offers and how they work using the ARMember WordPress membership plugin? Let’s get started! Usage of Social Feature in ARMember WordPress Membership Plugin If you are running a WordPress membership website, you should ensure to enhance your member experience by delivering them with the social features that can help them and benefit in so many ways. First off, you might be well aware of the importance of giving access to the public profiles and profile directories to your members for your membership website.

Profiles and Directories-min

Because that is where the members of your membership website can have a broader look upon their profiles with how their membership profile looks like? Secondly, there are other sets of features that you need to consider when it comes to social features as showing the member badges and achievements.

Badges and Achievements-min

Furthermore, for the signup/ registration forms or your member’s profiles and directories, it can set a great impression if you can provide your members with the various social profile fields!

social profile fields

This is what you see when you click on Social Profile Fields. See the image below!

Social Profile Fields - Social media options-min

Luckily, the ARMember WordPress membership plugin offers this amazing feature functionality of Social Feature that you will love as you can offer so many great options to your members to access with the utilization of the Social Feature in the ARMember WordPress membership plugin! Here is what you need to do to for activating the Social Feature functionality! To lay your hands over this awesome feature of the ARMember WordPress membership plugin, the first thing you need to do is to navigate to the Add-ons option placed under the ARMember tab. When you click on the Add-ons option, then immediately, you will be able to find this Social Feature option that you need to Activate first.

Social Feature

Having said that, you can allow and give access to the members of your membership website with the customization options where they can easily be able to look upon their public profiles along with their avatars used while creating their membership account. Plus, for providing your members with the more advanced things to show more options, you can showcase to them what they have gained and achieved through your membership website with things like rewards, points, badges, and achievements as such. Well, that can be easily shown on the member’s profiles in the ARMember WordPress membership plugin. All you got to do is to navigate to the ARMember> Profiles and Directories, thereafter selecting the members to profile that you want to display the badges and achievements. Check out this image below to know where to find the badges option and enable it?

Display member badges

ARMember Social Community Feature With the use of the ARMember Social community add-on, it can seamlessly allow you to create and build a membership website along with the useful and advanced level features that are most alike popular social networks. Now, for the installation and activation of the ARMember Social Community, then follow the Steps for Installation and Activation for Setting up the ARMember Social Community on your WordPress Website. With many of the advanced social community features, you can allow your membership website members to take advantage of features like friend connections where your members can build their network of friends. They can send the friend connection request as well as they can also accept the friend requests. You can get the benefit of many of the other social community features such as:
  • Members can follow or unfollow each other.
  • The facility for community members to private messaging where your members can communicate only to the members who are in their friend connection
  • Allowing the users to write the post articles, set featured image, add comments on a post, and make it public just to the users within the community.
  • Allows users to give reviews on other user profiles by enabling the “allow review toggle” button option from the community settings option. Even you can set the reviews approved only from the admin option and modify the previously submitted reviews by the users.
  • Facility to get the member’s posts to make it visible in the news feed of the other members.
  • Allows community members to send emojis while communicating to help them with better communication.
Apart from that, there are other impressive features that the ARMember Social community add-on offers you, like allowing the community members with the functionality of the likes to public posts, public commenting on member post, and members can review profiles of other community members as well. Even if you want to allow user activity at profile, then you can easily enable that section from community settings in the ARMember WordPress membership plugin. The Functionality of Social Connect in ARMember WordPress membership plugin Apart from the above two options of ARMember WordPress membership plugin, if you are still looking for a way out and want to make sure about enhancing more interesting social features for easy members retention and get it to the next level, then that can be made possible with the utilization of the ARMember Social Connect add-on that offers your members to log in directly from their social media accounts. This can, in turn, help you to create a more robust membership community as with the Social Connect feature, your members never have the hassle to fill up all that hefty signup and registration forms through your WordPress membership website. They can get login from their already logged in social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, Instagram, and Google account. So, with that being said, let us have a look at what ARMember Social Connect Add-on can bestow you for your WordPress membership website. How to Set up and Run Social Connect feature in ARMember WordPress Membership plugin? Here are the steps you need to follow to make Social Connect work for the above mentioned social networks on your signup/registration form:
  • First and foremost, the first thing you need to do is to navigate to the ARMember> Add-Ons and activate the Social Connect option.
  • Social Connect-min

  • As soon as you activate the Social Connect option, then you would require to go to ARMember > General Settings > Social Connect tab. You will see social signup configuration that will let you select your desired registration form where you want to display the social login option with your favorite social networks.
  • social connect - social signup configuration-min

  • Next, you can easily select from the popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, Instagram, and Google Account by entering their App ID and App Secret key for each one of them.
  • Select Social Network-min

  • After you put the App ID for the social networks and Save it, then you need to go to the ARMember> Manage Forms and click on the edit form by hovering the Login Form.
  • Manage Forms - Edit Login Form-min

  • Next, Next, you will be able to see the Login Form screen where you need to first click on the toggle button “Enable Social Login”. Clicking on it will show you different Social Connect options like changing social button position, button type, button alignment, and Button Skin.
  • Social Connect Options-min

  • Clicking on the Button Skin option will show you the new popup screen that will let you select your desired social network skin, icon, or you can even upload the custom image on your selected social network. Once you finish that, you need to make sure to click on the Save button on the social network option popup screen.
  • Button Skin-min

  • Finally, you need to click on the Save button from your selected Login Form screen. Then, you will be able to see the registration/signup form with the social login option that allows your membership website members to directly login by clicking on the social media of their choice!
  • Manage Forms - Save Login Form-min

Apart from that, if you want simply add the Login form on any of your page/posts, then you can do that as well with the simple usage of the shortcode option. Using the [arm_social_login] you can show the Social Connect Login buttons.

Social Login Frontend-min

Hence, the ARMember WordPress membership plugin provides you with seamless options. Whether it is about building a WordPress membership website to strengthen the social community, or if it is about utilizing the social feature and Social Connect, you get a gamut of social functionalities that is just hard to find on any other WordPress membership plugin! Wrapping it Up That is all we have got to convey in this article! Hopefully, we have covered points and have made it easy to understand the use of features of Social Connect, Social Community, and Social Features provided in the ARMember WordPress membership plugin. If you have found this article an informative and useful read, then share it on the social network within your group so more and more people can learn about building a successful membership website for WordPress with the use of such a powerful set of features.
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