5 Types of Membership Sites to Inspire You Right Now

In today’s internet-paced world, almost anyone can start a business capitalizing on their skills/interests right away. Yes, the internet welcomes everyone with its open arms and provides several platforms to build their business online. Of all digital platforms available, the membership site is a promising revenue stream if you are ready to give valuable content consistently. It allows you to establish your authority online, build loyal followers and stay connected with people who appreciate your skills and content. So, what are you waiting for? All you need is a skill and aspiration to make money.

Types of Membership Sites

You can start creating unique content around your expertise and run a successful business online through membership sites. Sounds cool?! Do you want to own a membership site too? But, don’t know how to get started? No worries. We have some inspiring membership site ideas for you in-store. Come on. Let’s get started.

Cooking and Recipes Membership Sites

Who says no to good food? Food plays an integral part in people’s lives in all cultures. Any gathering, recreation, fun, and entertainment call for some good food. And, that’s the reason why people constantly search for new recipes over the internet. So, do you have some exceptional culinary skills and a knack for teaching it? Then, recipe and cooking membership sites can work wonders for you. Healthy Grocery Girl has set a standard in the cooking niche by helping busy people enjoy real food and natural living with weekly online videos. The site further has a wellness membership offering nutrition programs, video courses, and meal plans. You can become a cooking membership site owner as well and offer weekly or biweekly meal plans, shopping lists, and video libraries that can benefit aspiring home cooks.

Dance Fitness Membership Sites

People often find it boring to run on a treadmill staring at the wall in front of them. How about dancing to Bollywood songs to stay fit? Fun right? Thus, dance fitness is gaining huge momentum among people for a reason. Raqs Online is a membership site rendering services on Bellydance, world dance, and fitness. This online dance community constantly thrives by encouraging people to stay fit by offering fun-filled dance and fitness programs. Dance fitness is the niche if you enjoy dance and help people achieve their fitness goals through dance. With a dance fitness membership site, you can offer personalized dance workouts focusing on dance style, fitness, and the instructor’s experience. You can either charge monthly, quarterly, or annually for your dance fitness programs.

Content Writing/Copywriting Membership Sites

In this digital world, content is mandatory for any business, irrespective of size. Thus, offering content writing services can be a lucrative business. You can either provide a monthly or weekly plan and deliver writing services accordingly. WordCandy is an excellent example of content production services. With a content services membership site, you can charge people for the number of blogs, like six blogs a month, or based on content type like technical, health, etc. Of course, content writing is a profitable niche. Simultaneously, it is a time-consuming task too. So, it is better to have a team to render various customized content or niche-specific content services.

Reliable Kids-friendly Content Membership Sites

Who spends more time on the internet? The whole parenthood community will unanimously say – KIDS. Yes, kids tend to get indulged on the internet for hours these days. Though it is not a good sign, it has become unavoidable these days. With the number of online videos that kids watch, parents are understandably worried that their kids might bump on inappropriate content. So, parents want to provide a safe platform for their kids with reliable kids-friendly content. Thus family-friendly content for kids is skyrocketing these days. One such reliable and trustworthy kids-friendly membership site is New Sky Kids. It provides age-appropriate and kids-friendly content. Parents feel safe and confident that their kids are safe on the internet. You can think about owning a membership site on this profitable niche offering various subscription plans.

Coaching and Training Membership Sites

Often people keep seeking ideas and tips to make money online. Many want to learn how to run a successful business or get a work-from-home job. So, are you a successful entrepreneur who has been through challenges in the past? And, are you ready to share your valuable experiences and insights with the world? If yes, a coaching membership site can be the perfect choice for you. You can share your thoughts about your entrepreneurial journey, career coaching, and life experiences. People are always ready to learn from experts offering coaching, career development, and overall life improvement. Thus, coaching membership sites receive an overwhelming response among people. Create Your Career Path is a reputed coaching membership site that offers career coaching packages and products designed to meet individuals’ needs. With a coaching membership site, you can provide consultation calls, paid videos, and whatnot? If your tips and advice benefit people, no wonder your content will keep attracting more people. Each of the above-discussed membership sites is from different niches, and you would want an appropriate add-on to serve your members precisely. With ARMember additional functionality add-ons like Affiliate add-on, Social community add-on, Group/Umbrella Membership add-on, and more, you can promote your WordPress Membership website and connect with your members effortlessly.

Wrapping Up

Anyone can monetize their skills online with a membership site. Yes, a membership site can be a robust business model with unlimited earning potential. It enables you to create and share content around your skills, expertise or interests, and make money from them. Being consistent and giving quality content is the key here. If your content is beneficial and adds value to people’s lives, undoubtedly, they will keep subscribing and supporting you. We have listed some of the top 5 membership sites that are highly successful and in popular demand for your ease. You can choose a niche that better suits your skills and interests and start your business right from your home. So, no waiting anymore. With the membership site, communicate with your members directly from anywhere. Grow your business beyond geographical limitations and let the world see your talent. Thus, establish your brand online and build a lucrative business for yourself.
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