ARMember - Social Community Addon

ARMember Social Community addon includes all of the features you’ve come to expect from any online community, like stunning user profiles from where user can send/accept friend requests to each other, communicate with each other through private messages, user can keep track of other user’s activity, user can give review to each other, user can add post(s) with and can show as news feed.

  1. When ARMember Community is activated you will see two sub menus added in ARMember menu which are,

    • Community Settings
    • Community Activities

Community Settings

ARMember – Community for your website from here you have different options and facility to be enabled/disabled for Social Community.

There are another following options to enable/disable community sections from user’s profile simultaneously with given below sections.

  • Allow Friendship
  • Allow Private Messaging
  • Allow Follow / Unfollow
  • Allow Review
  • Allow Post
  • Allow Activity
  • Email Notification Settings

Community Activities

You can manage all user’s community activities here in individual three tabs, Manage User Posts, Manage User Reviews and Manage User Activities. Here you have filters and actions like spam, Delete etc.. which can be helpful to you.

PayStack Payment Gateway is secure payment gateway. Using the PayStack Gateway Credentials, merchants can process credit card payments.

  1. When plugin activated then PayStack section will be display in ARMember -> General Settings -> Payment Geteways. Please see below screen.


  2. ARMember supports different payment methods with PayStack payment gateway for “One time Payment case” and “Subscription Payment Case”.

  3. ARMember_paystack

  4. ARMember Paystack Addon supports only payment with NGN Currency with Sand Box(Test) Account.

  5. ARMember Paystack Addon supports payment with NGN, USD, GHS Currency with Live Account.

This add-on will allow you to take payments on your ARMember membership setup via PayUmoney.

PayUmoney is an Indian payment gateway and supports payment with INR(Indian) Currency only. With this payment gateway you can offer PayUmoney as a payment method in ARMember.

PayUmoney Payment Gateway add-on will only work if ARMember plugin is installed with version 2.2.2 or higher

PayUmoney payment Gateway Addon

ARMember-Digital Download plugin is an easy-to-use, reliable WordPress plugin that allows you to upload various types of files OR add external file URL for download by users and set various kind of permission on it like which role users/plan users/etc. can download it.

By using this plugin, you can create shortcode for each download file. By placing this shortcode anywhere, you can place download link for specific users on front end. Also you can keep track of all downloads like which file is downloaded from which IP address, by which user at what datetime.

Also you will be able to set file download limit on each download based on user plan like you can allow plan A users maximum X downloads in a day/week/month/year.

ARMember - Individual Affiliate Addon

ARMember affiliate plugin lets you run your own affiliate program and allows you to create and reward (pay commission) your affiliates for referring other users to your website.

When a user pay for ARMember membership plan on your site, this addon will check to see if the user was referred to your site by an affiliate. It will then give commission to the affiliate who referred the user.

The referral rate used to calculate affiliate commission can be set on a per-membership basis.

Also using this plugin, you can create Banners or Text Links that allows your affiliate users to easily promote your web site.


How ARMember Affiliate Works

ARMember - Individual Affiliate Addon


ARMember affiliate plugin allows to manage all payouts and keep track of affiliate statistics like Total Earnings, Current Month Earnings, Total Payment(Paid), Current Month Payment(Paid), Total Payments(Unpaid), Current Month Payments(Unpaid), Total Visitor, Current Month Visitor, Total Referral, Current Month Referral, Total Affiliate User, Current Month Affiliate users.

Here are some important features of plugin

  • Unlimited affiliates

    There is no limit for number of affiliates that can promote your products and services

  • lifetime commissions

    allow your affiliates to receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer

  • banners management

    provides different banners that will help your affiliates to promote your products and services on any website with and embedded code

  • social share

    social media buttons provided for your affiliates to share their affiliate link on Social Network

  • Fully Reports

    Different stats for Affiliates activity, referrals or periodically Payouts are available

  • WooCommerce Integration

    affiliates will get commission on each order of WooCommerce product which he has referred

  • Migration from AffiliateWp/ Affiliates Pro

    Just few clicks to migrate your existing affiliates from AffiliateWP OR Affiliates Pro to ARMember affiliates plugin

This plugin allows you to give your ARMember members specific discount on each WooCommerce product based on member’s membership plan.

You can set different Fix Amount OR Percentage discount on each WooCommerce product for each ARMember membership plan. So when particular plan member will purchase that product, he will get specified plan discount on product.

Infusionsoft Addon is a bridge between Infusionsoft’s back-end interface and ARMember plugin.

This Addon will allow you to add all users of your membership website into Infusionsoft Contacts, who will register using ARMember Registration Form.


Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time and ARMember – Zapier Addon is a bridge between Zapier’s back-end interface and ARMember plugin.

This add-on will allow you to synchronize your website data with other apps using zapier. You can integrate different triggers with Zapier like user registration,plan renewal,plan change, user delete etc.


Active Campaign is an open-source marketing automation software and ARMember – Active Campaign Addon is a bridge between Active Campaign’s back-end interface and ARMember plugin.

This Addon will allow you to add all users of your membership website into Active Campaign Contacts, who will register using ARMember Registration Form.

This Addon does not just add users to Active Campaign Contacts but also facilitates you to add users in specific Active Campaign List. Also You will be allowed to add users, who will register from different Sign Up Forms used for different purposes, into in different Active Campaign Lists.

Active Campaign

Direct Login with ARMember addon will allow you to create temporary login link so when anybody run link URL he will be logged-in without need of username and password.

It very easy and simple interface to create links. You can create login link for existing user as well as you can create new user too. And you can set duration until link will be valid. you can set hours or days on that.

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