Version 3.3 (10 Sep, 2019)

  • Added new facility for user-wise private content.
  • Added new form section “Profile Forms” to create profile forms with more custom fields other than signup/login etc.
  • Added 3D Secure such as SCA Compliant Stripe Payments
  • Added new facility to generate bulk copuons.
  • Added new facility to set Avatar and Background Image in Membership card.
  • Added new facility to set custom fields in membership card.
  • Added new feature to Enable/Disable in-built ARMember’s spam protection facility.
  • Added two new email notification events:
    1. On member close account event.
    2. Payment due reminder for auto debit payment type.
  • Added more shortcodes to use in Email notification message.
  • Added facility for administrator user to view/print Membership card.
  • Added facility to cancel Finite plans.
  • Added more security upon file upload.
  • Removed Google Plus social media support.
  • Much more optimized code and loading speed improvement.
  • Other bug fixes.