API Category: Content Restriction Hooks


Usage: add_filter( ‘arm_restricted_site_access_allow_pages’, ‘your_function’); function your_function($page_ids) { //$page_ids Array of allowed page ids. $page_ids[] = 31; return $page_ids; } Parameters: $page_ids Array of allowed page ids

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Usage: add_filter( ‘arm_restricted_url_redirect_url’, ‘your_function’, 10, 2); function your_function($redirect_url, $wp) { //$redirect_url Redirection URL. //$wp Global WordPress Object $redirect_url = ‘http://example.com’; return $redirect_url; } Parameters: $redirect_url Redirection URL $wp Global WordPress Object

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Usage: add_filter( ‘arm_restricted_urls’, ‘your_function’); function your_function($block_urls) { //$block_urls Array of blocked URLs. $block_urls[] = ‘http://example.com’; return $block_urls; } Parameters: $block_urls Array of blocked URLs

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